Monday, 2 April 2012

London Addendum Expedition

Headstart meeting:
Discover Centre lol kids
April - staff?
Collin? - head guy in New Direction
Fran - head of the media part of the Headstart project as part of A New Direction funded by the Olympic Legacy fund thing OPLC(?)
Jake sounded tooled up on what was going on in the end discussion.
I did Jake's blog interview with a view of the stadium from the shopping centre

What we learned:
how multicultural London is
Olympic stadium exclusivity,

Social media volunteers
Jake 17 - visited Guardian office posh building(struggling), Swiss olympic museum. [objects in Edge? Week?]
Bianca - from south of river. Greenwich? parents from Ghana
Sandra - parents from Ghana (different part) might link me Live Mag links to test audience new shows e.g. Daniel Sloss Show
Charlie - his objects were some floorboards from Victorian houses that get stripped of panelling, he likes to rescue then from skips; twig from apple trees grown from pips discarded at roadsides, hes trying to graft best bits. he had our film set up to play, and London map to discuss where we're from, and exercises to compare city experienced. went to St Andrews! he ran AltSoc
tower hamlets is a real burough name

Discussion Londoners:
Using arts/sports for social change good e.g.s?.
Has film been handy?
Nice blogs. Follow any blogs?
police different in London?. Gangs.
Tips on charity organisation
What did you think of Secret Millionaire? (um where?)

London tour:
Stadium. riots aftermath. parliament. Palace. BBC. Comedy club. Dubstep. BT tower?. Cathedral, Westminster?. GW. Globe theatre? Old Vic? Saatchi Gallery. A Banksy.

About Londoners:
Interested in
1. dual heritage, representation,
2. Olympic stadium exclusivity,
donation as political gesturing etc.
Jake 17 - visited Guardian offices, Swiss olympic museum

About us:
Fablevision - non-profit film company/org, helps local ppl tell their own sorties in their own words. We're here because the area is on south side of river Clyde right across from a new Transport Museum designed by the same architect that did the stadium. So we wanted to hear what you guys had to say about your similar situation and show our film.
Lizzie - stood in for a pull out, my uni chum. honorary Scot lol
Kim - from Larkhall, seen sectarianism. volunteered loads before. Studies politics
Iain - joined Nautical College as a direct result of voyages! couldn't come
Sam bought boat after it set him straight as a boy. Aw.
Andy - from Paisley. been in army
Me - volunteered then hired. cathedral Mungo + Giles. John MacFadyen piping school founder (+head). StAn. Comedy. Football

About voyage:
See film :)

Fablevision has past projects on YouTube. I helped with the painters film A Lick Of Good which impressed kids, enthused new kids, enticed funders.

Photos of Glasgow ppl:
Thorns & Thistles?
Celtic Drummers
comic fans?
Cone Duke Wellington

Scotland objects:
GTA3 on phone. Arts RSAMD. Ppl love geeky things
Cross? Book?
Diploma lol? St An education and bookish old academics ppl
Fablevision something?
A Haggis? Discard when get there? Learn Address? Cullen skink?
Kilt? sporran?
Irn Bru?

Showcase Scotland:
Hmm how to summarise and advertise Scotland..
Its earthy forward mothers.
Its relaxed attitude to swearing. Comedy.
Shrewd businessmen.
Lost culture a bit. Glasgow is a merchant city so doesn't have a castle like Edinburgh, or capital status, or head of Church of Scotland. more home grown history, and a hub of art and culture RSAMD

Showcase Glasgow:
Chewin The Fat. Kevin Bridges. Fave comedian Jamie Foxx, fave brit Russel Kane, fave Scot Billy K?

Friday 16/3/12
just got train! 10:40. suicide on line so had to get off at Rugby.
met Kevin McNeil!!!
5/3/12 rang Charlie,
He asked what we hope to achieve in coming, I said to complete the tour, but hopefully mentioned the stadium + parallels to transport museum/Govan, and how we gathered opinions about the Commonwealth.
my version of our aims for the trip was more about
1. researching community (+ national) voice, (didn't come through film rly)
honouring the Commonwealth, and
London is to complete the country tour.
The main thing I learned was similar approach using arts to (Soc.Dev.), despite different problems