Monday, 18 July 2011

Extra Microvoyage

Boat 4
May 10-12th 2011

‘lets get wur togs on’ - Sam
watch Perfect Storm. Master & Commander. Hornblower. Serenity. Royal Mail Blutack ad. read Longitude. guy who spent 180 days at sea in a liferaft his wife was a nurse
Iain got his Day Skipper!
who do I know who wud benefit from the boat?
garlic. onions. bread. mince. bananas. munchies
Coastguard Report [press Channel number] is read in order wind > seastate
soup for 4 ppl = 3 tins
guy failed Yacht Master didnt know what a Cardinal Buoy was so took the helm and tried to guess which direction was safe to pass on
accidents happen “milk? sugar? BOOM” hit a buoy
lights occult = more light than dark / iso = ?
E3 goes slightly to port when you put her in reverse
dividers! theyre not called callipers
what would I talk to camera about?
its 9 hours to Stornoway with ideal wind
most dangerous water in the UK is South Kintyre (willy)
do boat fortnightly? lift from Iain? £ petrol/wud train be cheaper Bishopbriggs to Ardrossan?
tatties keep their starch if you cook them in cold water then hot
you can tell fish populations from bird droppings
told Iain the Stephen story haha
Im lifejacket no5
start motor = left 2nd button up (cockpit grey sqr buttons)
avoid the Parachute Regiment pub
Kim sed $8000 Zambian Quachas = £1
Brillo for oven. use a basin for cutlery
1 magners 1hr = limit
what sail crew jobs are there?
[unlabaled switches] instruments - above radar
GPS press page2 to get e.g. sun set time. dir magnetic
panel above GPS get log entry number
next time bring a pillow, leave my jacket
did soup + sarnies for lunch
Sam did mince tatties for tea
Colin - has E3 stories
Stephen - young with Venture Scotland
mildly impressed Sam with paper lighthouse
1 fathom = 6’. nautical mile = 6080’
felt sick in the swell past Millport
when and where do Minkes/porpoises go? tracking sites?
Men Of Rock prog about the Scots who started modern Geology
fave films Steven: Battle Royale + District9. Kim - Waltz With Bashir. Colin - Godfather. Sam - Europa Europa. Iain - Usual Suspects + Pianist. Pete?
FF Spirits Within = possibly sole exception to the rule that films of games suck
Yukikaze - Japanese author
night motoring 10:30-12:30
shitty day oats were off, no milk, no butter, got seasick and a cold. but rough seas were fun riding up the front
interesting cold nightsailing. an interesting experience. same different shitty
ask Cathedral Drama Rodderick for help?
ask Iain for compu help?
book on knots. RYA Rules Of The Road. Weather Handbook. Survival Handbook
Sam used non stailness steel wool for scrubbing so it left rusty bits. oven cream got it off
job whalespotting? how to get Professors IPC books on cetaceans?
thought about fundraising night of comedy + burlesque?
Sams film All At Sea. trucker film
Sams bands studio had 16bit now 24bit CD. Joe Strummer did songs you get 20years later

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