Wednesday, 22 December 2010


All met in Central Bar. missed train got next one. we chatted happily got politics+religion out the way before Sam bans them

Stephen worked in semiconductors, he once knew someone who met someone who dated someone who heard of Clive Sinclair. Mel was a rebel+a builder at school.
OHNO Tim+Mel left on the train to West Kilbride! got taxi to them and back. crisis averted
I met Harry’s Goddaughter at a friend’s birthday in Aberdeen
we had drink #1 in posh bar Ardrossan Tim+me had a geek rantathon
I might get Day Skipper training this trip Im a guineapig
E3 has a plasticy woody smell

DAY1 Minor disaster water in the diesel engine it needed all 10litres drained Harry said Deisel should be a cheery red colour not a murky unseparated. me+Tim a bit sick near Millport
saw sub!
moored at Millport?. sandwiches for lunch at 2. saw some daftys jumping in water at dock
Stephen likes Top Gear
Harry wots command for crew to move out of helmsmans view? “OOUTA FOCKEN WIY!!”
Harry was saying barracudas hide under the keel of boats so dont go in the water Harry did once and they shiny things so they went for his watch nearly took his hand off
Rothesay harbour cost £12million cos they built dam on an underground river
crew saw porpoise upstairs
Im pickin gup on lweadership habits Sam+Harry do Briefs Debriefs Introductions Rotas Fairness
Bobs been on E3 to Norway + St Kilda
berth = hammock
mince+peas+tatties for tea
tomorow we’re going to Holy Loch

DAY2 up at 8.gas problem toured Rothesay while Skippers fixed it Sam had to get taxi for a spare part I went up Serpentine windy road(like SanFran)

went up to the mouth of Firth Of Clyde between Greenock/Helensburgh passed wreck of Sugar Ship to try tacking/jibing I tried navigating+logging. turned around 5pm arrived at Holy Loch I parked us+didnt crash into the pontoon! got question about Cardinal Buoy right. good times
Bob knows decorative knots
all had a go at helm
Stephen thought we came together as a team
Holy Loch loo=2563 shower=1478
no goose(that thinks its a swan)
Mel+Kim want to runaway and stay on boat
Sam Harry Stephen went to Holy Loch pub Tim Kim Mel played Scabby Queen I emptied camera
banned topics on boat:religion. politics
they liked mechanic joke Sam had DVDs Black Books Bl Bailey Peter Kay
phoned Dan poor guy is bored rigid
wind speed +5/5=to get Force(roughly)
story of man stranded round world 3 months Sharks circled Fishing rod
(apparently we left Tim at port! when was this!?)

DAY3 off by 10 did man overboard past Cloch Point Light I steered on 2nd attempt+plotted course to Tower Point(north Bute). got shown flares. moored off Rothesay for lunch Heading up East Kyles round top of Bute

Bob knows monkeys fist decorative knot
Ive seen The Plank Harry likes :)
Jacobs Ladder Tim Robbins is s a Nam vet seeing demons. Tim Kim Sam hate Inception+Avatar but liked Shutter Island. whaaat?
how are maps made?
Steve told us about Star Trek Ceilidhs
bought fresh prawns off fisherman Bob made Thai curry mmm
saw Thick Of It for the first time. brilliant
Colintraive in morning
me+Tim’s Songs To Make Sam Seethe: Yellow Submarine. We Are Sailing. Baby Youre The Best. Bright Eyes. Wannabe

DAY4 passed Buttock Point round top of Bute. This is a real not made up place.

Burnt Islands were where defeated Vikings burnt their dead
learn the direction-of-travel buoys
Harry has on his laptop pics of jumping porpoises+swan signets aw
saw a baby basking shark camera out of memory bahh
taught crew to do logbook+plot position. I feel Im 1. remembering competent crew 2. learning Day Skipper 3. do filming
Tarbert! castle is polystyrene, Harry sez. I dont believe him. saw boat named Reel Fyne
I got a go in the dinghy again! chased seagulls, bumped beacon
Bob made good ravioli
Sam Harr Bob Steve went to pub

DAY5 I did fryup breakfast scram eggs, mushrooms(too many), toast

we clapped another yacht when he realised he left a fender over the bow
put up cruising chute
SHARK! right up close! baby one. Its dorsal and tail fins were poking out the water so we floated over to it and i saw inside its mouth on the bow

Harry sed I can come on his boat anytime aww

whale watching job 4me?
Sam asked me which of the 3 was my favourite voyage? I sed the 2nd one I met LizL future boss and 1st one surprised me how a load of strangers bonded together (Harry finds by day3 a team bonds. or else itl never bond). I find that sailing is the best of corporate team building+def say it in Fable film/blog
Total distance travelled = 118.6 miles
Columbus mustv been mad. 2000 Leagues Under The Sea. Zelda Wind Waker

words: jib. spinnacker. shanty. hoist

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