Monday, 1 November 2010

Boat Reflection 2


So Im going again. Im less worried about doing it wrong this time but feel expectation to know everything. So if you graphed my feeling you'd see Im about as excited over-all as last time
Liz and John
Sam and Harry skippers
Pete joining
wind Beaufont Scale
the 2D intersecting triangles hourglass on fishing boats are for collision rules classes and signify a vessel fishing
Pete joined us at Tarbort. Talked to him about comedy
Harry was asking what our skills are. Not sure if any of mine really apply on a boat, except maybe chart reading
Me in mini mood cos we didnt go to Dunoon Discoteque so I watched Hugh Grants homeless experiments 90s film. Instead we went to Holy Loch pub where Catherine was immediately centre of attention and met a couple. Then a game of glow-in-the-dark cards. sleep.
Liz's friend's band had a battle of the bands show where the audience voted for the worst band and they were shown on a big screen a pretend CCTV of the toilet and were shown being dragged in there and battered during the interval.
Sam's band's drummer has no arms
Talked to Catherine about comedy and the Edinburgh Fringe
74 miles in 3 days
Jacketgate - accidental inflation conspiracy that goes right up to the president
hooked the mooring buoy! (eventually)
winched good
whipped in the face by rope
Cherry Tree - good song for easy harmonys, me and Catriona sang in pub. Sam brought his guitar out and we had a good shanty and a shindig
look up easy famous guitar songs
met nice couple in pub, they tapedon VHS a one-off live BBC production of The Ship in 80s with a prop boat launch with all the audiences seats moving backwards and the boat staying still.
Harry suggested a cruiseship comedian pays well. But if you bomb then you're stuck onboard with your audience for the next night
Day 4 Landed on a beach and explored the island. Skimmed stones with John (he won). Then I got stranded by the tide on mussel shells and got soaked wading back to land. Lesson of the day: tides are pretty dangerous and should be respected
Day 5 Bad time for the first time on voyage. Feel sick (but not seasick probably tired sick from last night) coffee didnt work. too hot. couldnt eat lunch on choppy sea. got nagged at the helm for not keeping the exact direction within a degree which is hard and a row for taking out my phone to journal when I was helming for qutie a while. Pete's being unfunny. went to sleep for 2hrs. BUT THEN woke up ate Whispa and helped moor. Me and Catherine hooked buoy and threaded while in a swarm of jellyfish through the murky water. Cheered up a bit.
we all liked the sense of teamwork
I like being up top its like being on a train roof
I like going close to the water on the dinghy
Because of the cold and wet everything is thick and done with gloves like Duplo. Life jacket light switch is twisty
Day 5 night, had a big talk. We all felt we bonded
Visited Chris O'Kane at Saltcoats cinema. He showed us into the projector room and I got to turn on the projector while he spooled the big reel through. Its hidden past an arcade and above a pizza place, the locals like an informal atmosphere putting feet up and eating
Catherine's funny
Catherine had an animated conversation with my comatose body in the night when I sat bolt upright said "the questions" and lay back down. So basically I told her to shut up. Oops.
"zzz Iain. I.A.I.N."
Harry sed the gray propellor wake in the water is a chemical reaction like when the toilet flushes in the dark and you see glowy streaks
mmm lamb + couscous + courgette butternut squash chickpeas apricots (mashed into soup tomorow), wrap with refried beans cheese avocado, RICE PUDDING! just for me 8-)
A pub in port is more important than a marina

Day1 I saw a duckling
Day2 porpoise
Day3 saw porpoises even nearer. submarine.
Day4 goose hissed at me
Day5 2 swans at buoy

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