Sunday, 4 April 2010

For the new video blogs going up we were asked how we're finding our time on placement. I said something different in the end but this is a plan for what I was going to say in it based on questions emailed to us by our benefactor Gerry Hassan.

Fable Vlog
a) One value Ive taken from my family?
Im a bit of a hybrid, my mums from a line of highlanders and islanders, her dad was a prominant piper and she was raised in Glasgow. My dad is a minister and his dad was an minister and his family are a load of eccentric intellectuals from Edinburgh, so one value I have learned from them is a respect for knowledge and the people who use it (even if they're all posh old bores)
b) 1 View of Past Scotland?
Probably the busker drummers up Buchanan St that wear kilts and look like Jacobites. Actually the part of Scottish history I am most proud of is where we made the Romans feel so unwelcome they lost the will to invade us. The weather helped. Me and my dad visited a science museum in Italy once and it had a huge globe from the 16th century, it was huge but most of Africa and America were blank but Scotland had a label as prominant as all the other superpowers.
2 View of Present Scotland?
I dunno. A diet of Sesame St means Im so unracist Im not even patriotic until Im abroad. Actually I think they should move Scotland to another country to help young people's national pride. I recently heard Al Qu'aeda calls Britain 'Little Evil', it made me proud that Scotland isnt England so they probably dont mean us. Seriously though I was grateful that the government paid my university tuition fees and makes efforts to use alternative energy sources like windfarms. Culturally the Treacherous Orchestra are an interesting talented fusion band using traditional instruments to play world styles, to me that represents modern Scotland.
3 View of Future Scotland?
Again I duno. I come from a small town and studied in a small town and after 3years Im still getting used to Glasgow life, it wasnt untill uni when I learned of the all damage Thatcher did. I can only see the future of my microcosm, so at least I think that that is positive. I see my peers in this generation and my own opportunities and the period in history and feel that the future looks great, but the greatness Im meaning might be different to what our funders and politicians mean as greatness. But anyway, I know what this blogs for so 'We're the children, we're the future" Hope, change, blah blah


  1. Its always fascinating to find out what makes a human a person, what lies behind the name, inside the head.

  2. questions c and d coming soon!