Monday, 2 April 2012

London Addendum Expedition

Headstart meeting:
Discover Centre lol kids
April - staff?
Collin? - head guy in New Direction
Fran - head of the media part of the Headstart project as part of A New Direction funded by the Olympic Legacy fund thing OPLC(?)
Jake sounded tooled up on what was going on in the end discussion.
I did Jake's blog interview with a view of the stadium from the shopping centre

What we learned:
how multicultural London is
Olympic stadium exclusivity,

Social media volunteers
Jake 17 - visited Guardian office posh building(struggling), Swiss olympic museum. [objects in Edge? Week?]
Bianca - from south of river. Greenwich? parents from Ghana
Sandra - parents from Ghana (different part) might link me Live Mag links to test audience new shows e.g. Daniel Sloss Show
Charlie - his objects were some floorboards from Victorian houses that get stripped of panelling, he likes to rescue then from skips; twig from apple trees grown from pips discarded at roadsides, hes trying to graft best bits. he had our film set up to play, and London map to discuss where we're from, and exercises to compare city experienced. went to St Andrews! he ran AltSoc
tower hamlets is a real burough name

Discussion Londoners:
Using arts/sports for social change good e.g.s?.
Has film been handy?
Nice blogs. Follow any blogs?
police different in London?. Gangs.
Tips on charity organisation
What did you think of Secret Millionaire? (um where?)

London tour:
Stadium. riots aftermath. parliament. Palace. BBC. Comedy club. Dubstep. BT tower?. Cathedral, Westminster?. GW. Globe theatre? Old Vic? Saatchi Gallery. A Banksy.

About Londoners:
Interested in
1. dual heritage, representation,
2. Olympic stadium exclusivity,
donation as political gesturing etc.
Jake 17 - visited Guardian offices, Swiss olympic museum

About us:
Fablevision - non-profit film company/org, helps local ppl tell their own sorties in their own words. We're here because the area is on south side of river Clyde right across from a new Transport Museum designed by the same architect that did the stadium. So we wanted to hear what you guys had to say about your similar situation and show our film.
Lizzie - stood in for a pull out, my uni chum. honorary Scot lol
Kim - from Larkhall, seen sectarianism. volunteered loads before. Studies politics
Iain - joined Nautical College as a direct result of voyages! couldn't come
Sam bought boat after it set him straight as a boy. Aw.
Andy - from Paisley. been in army
Me - volunteered then hired. cathedral Mungo + Giles. John MacFadyen piping school founder (+head). StAn. Comedy. Football

About voyage:
See film :)

Fablevision has past projects on YouTube. I helped with the painters film A Lick Of Good which impressed kids, enthused new kids, enticed funders.

Photos of Glasgow ppl:
Thorns & Thistles?
Celtic Drummers
comic fans?
Cone Duke Wellington

Scotland objects:
GTA3 on phone. Arts RSAMD. Ppl love geeky things
Cross? Book?
Diploma lol? St An education and bookish old academics ppl
Fablevision something?
A Haggis? Discard when get there? Learn Address? Cullen skink?
Kilt? sporran?
Irn Bru?

Showcase Scotland:
Hmm how to summarise and advertise Scotland..
Its earthy forward mothers.
Its relaxed attitude to swearing. Comedy.
Shrewd businessmen.
Lost culture a bit. Glasgow is a merchant city so doesn't have a castle like Edinburgh, or capital status, or head of Church of Scotland. more home grown history, and a hub of art and culture RSAMD

Showcase Glasgow:
Chewin The Fat. Kevin Bridges. Fave comedian Jamie Foxx, fave brit Russel Kane, fave Scot Billy K?

Friday 16/3/12
just got train! 10:40. suicide on line so had to get off at Rugby.
met Kevin McNeil!!!
5/3/12 rang Charlie,
He asked what we hope to achieve in coming, I said to complete the tour, but hopefully mentioned the stadium + parallels to transport museum/Govan, and how we gathered opinions about the Commonwealth.
my version of our aims for the trip was more about
1. researching community (+ national) voice, (didn't come through film rly)
honouring the Commonwealth, and
London is to complete the country tour.
The main thing I learned was similar approach using arts to (Soc.Dev.), despite different problems

Monday, 18 July 2011

Extra Microvoyage

Boat 4
May 10-12th 2011

‘lets get wur togs on’ - Sam
watch Perfect Storm. Master & Commander. Hornblower. Serenity. Royal Mail Blutack ad. read Longitude. guy who spent 180 days at sea in a liferaft his wife was a nurse
Iain got his Day Skipper!
who do I know who wud benefit from the boat?
garlic. onions. bread. mince. bananas. munchies
Coastguard Report [press Channel number] is read in order wind > seastate
soup for 4 ppl = 3 tins
guy failed Yacht Master didnt know what a Cardinal Buoy was so took the helm and tried to guess which direction was safe to pass on
accidents happen “milk? sugar? BOOM” hit a buoy
lights occult = more light than dark / iso = ?
E3 goes slightly to port when you put her in reverse
dividers! theyre not called callipers
what would I talk to camera about?
its 9 hours to Stornoway with ideal wind
most dangerous water in the UK is South Kintyre (willy)
do boat fortnightly? lift from Iain? £ petrol/wud train be cheaper Bishopbriggs to Ardrossan?
tatties keep their starch if you cook them in cold water then hot
you can tell fish populations from bird droppings
told Iain the Stephen story haha
Im lifejacket no5
start motor = left 2nd button up (cockpit grey sqr buttons)
avoid the Parachute Regiment pub
Kim sed $8000 Zambian Quachas = £1
Brillo for oven. use a basin for cutlery
1 magners 1hr = limit
what sail crew jobs are there?
[unlabaled switches] instruments - above radar
GPS press page2 to get e.g. sun set time. dir magnetic
panel above GPS get log entry number
next time bring a pillow, leave my jacket
did soup + sarnies for lunch
Sam did mince tatties for tea
Colin - has E3 stories
Stephen - young with Venture Scotland
mildly impressed Sam with paper lighthouse
1 fathom = 6’. nautical mile = 6080’
felt sick in the swell past Millport
when and where do Minkes/porpoises go? tracking sites?
Men Of Rock prog about the Scots who started modern Geology
fave films Steven: Battle Royale + District9. Kim - Waltz With Bashir. Colin - Godfather. Sam - Europa Europa. Iain - Usual Suspects + Pianist. Pete?
FF Spirits Within = possibly sole exception to the rule that films of games suck
Yukikaze - Japanese author
night motoring 10:30-12:30
shitty day oats were off, no milk, no butter, got seasick and a cold. but rough seas were fun riding up the front
interesting cold nightsailing. an interesting experience. same different shitty
ask Cathedral Drama Rodderick for help?
ask Iain for compu help?
book on knots. RYA Rules Of The Road. Weather Handbook. Survival Handbook
Sam used non stailness steel wool for scrubbing so it left rusty bits. oven cream got it off
job whalespotting? how to get Professors IPC books on cetaceans?
thought about fundraising night of comedy + burlesque?
Sams film All At Sea. trucker film
Sams bands studio had 16bit now 24bit CD. Joe Strummer did songs you get 20years later

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Doon The Watter

Doon The Watter is here at last!
Watch the adventures of Fablevision volunteers from the class of 2011
Edited by the crew Kim, Tim and Mel.

Wednesday, 22 December 2010


All met in Central Bar. missed train got next one. we chatted happily got politics+religion out the way before Sam bans them

Stephen worked in semiconductors, he once knew someone who met someone who dated someone who heard of Clive Sinclair. Mel was a rebel+a builder at school.
OHNO Tim+Mel left on the train to West Kilbride! got taxi to them and back. crisis averted
I met Harry’s Goddaughter at a friend’s birthday in Aberdeen
we had drink #1 in posh bar Ardrossan Tim+me had a geek rantathon
I might get Day Skipper training this trip Im a guineapig
E3 has a plasticy woody smell

DAY1 Minor disaster water in the diesel engine it needed all 10litres drained Harry said Deisel should be a cheery red colour not a murky unseparated. me+Tim a bit sick near Millport
saw sub!
moored at Millport?. sandwiches for lunch at 2. saw some daftys jumping in water at dock
Stephen likes Top Gear
Harry wots command for crew to move out of helmsmans view? “OOUTA FOCKEN WIY!!”
Harry was saying barracudas hide under the keel of boats so dont go in the water Harry did once and they shiny things so they went for his watch nearly took his hand off
Rothesay harbour cost £12million cos they built dam on an underground river
crew saw porpoise upstairs
Im pickin gup on lweadership habits Sam+Harry do Briefs Debriefs Introductions Rotas Fairness
Bobs been on E3 to Norway + St Kilda
berth = hammock
mince+peas+tatties for tea
tomorow we’re going to Holy Loch

DAY2 up at 8.gas problem toured Rothesay while Skippers fixed it Sam had to get taxi for a spare part I went up Serpentine windy road(like SanFran)

went up to the mouth of Firth Of Clyde between Greenock/Helensburgh passed wreck of Sugar Ship to try tacking/jibing I tried navigating+logging. turned around 5pm arrived at Holy Loch I parked us+didnt crash into the pontoon! got question about Cardinal Buoy right. good times
Bob knows decorative knots
all had a go at helm
Stephen thought we came together as a team
Holy Loch loo=2563 shower=1478
no goose(that thinks its a swan)
Mel+Kim want to runaway and stay on boat
Sam Harry Stephen went to Holy Loch pub Tim Kim Mel played Scabby Queen I emptied camera
banned topics on boat:religion. politics
they liked mechanic joke Sam had DVDs Black Books Bl Bailey Peter Kay
phoned Dan poor guy is bored rigid
wind speed +5/5=to get Force(roughly)
story of man stranded round world 3 months Sharks circled Fishing rod
(apparently we left Tim at port! when was this!?)

DAY3 off by 10 did man overboard past Cloch Point Light I steered on 2nd attempt+plotted course to Tower Point(north Bute). got shown flares. moored off Rothesay for lunch Heading up East Kyles round top of Bute

Bob knows monkeys fist decorative knot
Ive seen The Plank Harry likes :)
Jacobs Ladder Tim Robbins is s a Nam vet seeing demons. Tim Kim Sam hate Inception+Avatar but liked Shutter Island. whaaat?
how are maps made?
Steve told us about Star Trek Ceilidhs
bought fresh prawns off fisherman Bob made Thai curry mmm
saw Thick Of It for the first time. brilliant
Colintraive in morning
me+Tim’s Songs To Make Sam Seethe: Yellow Submarine. We Are Sailing. Baby Youre The Best. Bright Eyes. Wannabe

DAY4 passed Buttock Point round top of Bute. This is a real not made up place.

Burnt Islands were where defeated Vikings burnt their dead
learn the direction-of-travel buoys
Harry has on his laptop pics of jumping porpoises+swan signets aw
saw a baby basking shark camera out of memory bahh
taught crew to do logbook+plot position. I feel Im 1. remembering competent crew 2. learning Day Skipper 3. do filming
Tarbert! castle is polystyrene, Harry sez. I dont believe him. saw boat named Reel Fyne
I got a go in the dinghy again! chased seagulls, bumped beacon
Bob made good ravioli
Sam Harr Bob Steve went to pub

DAY5 I did fryup breakfast scram eggs, mushrooms(too many), toast

we clapped another yacht when he realised he left a fender over the bow
put up cruising chute
SHARK! right up close! baby one. Its dorsal and tail fins were poking out the water so we floated over to it and i saw inside its mouth on the bow

Harry sed I can come on his boat anytime aww

whale watching job 4me?
Sam asked me which of the 3 was my favourite voyage? I sed the 2nd one I met LizL future boss and 1st one surprised me how a load of strangers bonded together (Harry finds by day3 a team bonds. or else itl never bond). I find that sailing is the best of corporate team building+def say it in Fable film/blog
Total distance travelled = 118.6 miles
Columbus mustv been mad. 2000 Leagues Under The Sea. Zelda Wind Waker

words: jib. spinnacker. shanty. hoist

Monday, 1 November 2010

Voyage Of Dreams - Second Minivoyage

A Fablevision Group initiative, part of A Scottish Wave Of Change - a Cultural Olympiad project by Gerry Hassan.

5 Fablevision volunteers achieve their RYA Competent Crew certificates aboard the East End Endeavour sailing in The Firth of Clyde & Kyles of Bute in June 2010.

Video edited by Catherine Walsh (Fablevision Studios, Govan, Glasgow). Music by Barry McCormack (Hag's Head Music, Dublin).

Boat Reflection 2


So Im going again. Im less worried about doing it wrong this time but feel expectation to know everything. So if you graphed my feeling you'd see Im about as excited over-all as last time
Liz and John
Sam and Harry skippers
Pete joining
wind Beaufont Scale
the 2D intersecting triangles hourglass on fishing boats are for collision rules classes and signify a vessel fishing
Pete joined us at Tarbort. Talked to him about comedy
Harry was asking what our skills are. Not sure if any of mine really apply on a boat, except maybe chart reading
Me in mini mood cos we didnt go to Dunoon Discoteque so I watched Hugh Grants homeless experiments 90s film. Instead we went to Holy Loch pub where Catherine was immediately centre of attention and met a couple. Then a game of glow-in-the-dark cards. sleep.
Liz's friend's band had a battle of the bands show where the audience voted for the worst band and they were shown on a big screen a pretend CCTV of the toilet and were shown being dragged in there and battered during the interval.
Sam's band's drummer has no arms
Talked to Catherine about comedy and the Edinburgh Fringe
74 miles in 3 days
Jacketgate - accidental inflation conspiracy that goes right up to the president
hooked the mooring buoy! (eventually)
winched good
whipped in the face by rope
Cherry Tree - good song for easy harmonys, me and Catriona sang in pub. Sam brought his guitar out and we had a good shanty and a shindig
look up easy famous guitar songs
met nice couple in pub, they tapedon VHS a one-off live BBC production of The Ship in 80s with a prop boat launch with all the audiences seats moving backwards and the boat staying still.
Harry suggested a cruiseship comedian pays well. But if you bomb then you're stuck onboard with your audience for the next night
Day 4 Landed on a beach and explored the island. Skimmed stones with John (he won). Then I got stranded by the tide on mussel shells and got soaked wading back to land. Lesson of the day: tides are pretty dangerous and should be respected
Day 5 Bad time for the first time on voyage. Feel sick (but not seasick probably tired sick from last night) coffee didnt work. too hot. couldnt eat lunch on choppy sea. got nagged at the helm for not keeping the exact direction within a degree which is hard and a row for taking out my phone to journal when I was helming for qutie a while. Pete's being unfunny. went to sleep for 2hrs. BUT THEN woke up ate Whispa and helped moor. Me and Catherine hooked buoy and threaded while in a swarm of jellyfish through the murky water. Cheered up a bit.
we all liked the sense of teamwork
I like being up top its like being on a train roof
I like going close to the water on the dinghy
Because of the cold and wet everything is thick and done with gloves like Duplo. Life jacket light switch is twisty
Day 5 night, had a big talk. We all felt we bonded
Visited Chris O'Kane at Saltcoats cinema. He showed us into the projector room and I got to turn on the projector while he spooled the big reel through. Its hidden past an arcade and above a pizza place, the locals like an informal atmosphere putting feet up and eating
Catherine's funny
Catherine had an animated conversation with my comatose body in the night when I sat bolt upright said "the questions" and lay back down. So basically I told her to shut up. Oops.
"zzz Iain. I.A.I.N."
Harry sed the gray propellor wake in the water is a chemical reaction like when the toilet flushes in the dark and you see glowy streaks
mmm lamb + couscous + courgette butternut squash chickpeas apricots (mashed into soup tomorow), wrap with refried beans cheese avocado, RICE PUDDING! just for me 8-)
A pub in port is more important than a marina

Day1 I saw a duckling
Day2 porpoise
Day3 saw porpoises even nearer. submarine.
Day4 goose hissed at me
Day5 2 swans at buoy

Thursday, 8 July 2010